Tim Keeley

Tim Keeley
Creator of Things

I'm Tim. I'm a Web Developer and Designer. I also enjoy Writing Software, Building Circuits, Hacking Electronics, 3D Printing, Penetration Testing, Woodworking and delicious caffeinated beverages. The beach is my happy place and big part of my creative inspiration.

When I'm not creating inventions that might one day take over the world, you will find me playing with my awesome daughter.

Website Dev
Website Development
Website Dev.close

I make responsive sites that look great across all devices. See some of my sites in my Portfolio.

Creative Techclose

I love tinkering with platforms like Arduino & Raspberry Pi. You can see some of my projects on my Youtube.


I design logos, website art, biz cards, flyers, and promos for use on social media. Samples in my Portfolio.

3D Printer
3D Printing
3D Printingclose

Prototyping to making toys for my daughter. Get some of my designs on Thingiverse.



Halloween Themed Flat Design Images. Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love the art, music, and everything about the holiday. I like tapping into my inner zombie to create these Halloween themed pictures.

Homeward Beacon

Homeward Beacon is the safe and effective way to identify a pet from up to 70 feet away. You can view the pets profile page on your phone from a safe distance. See a picture of the pet, read their description and call the owner, all without ever approaching the lost and scared pet.

3D Printed P.O.V. Spinner

3D Printed Persistence of Vision spinner. I got pulled into the spinner crazy! Inspired by Tinkernut's version, I decided to make my own. I designed a 2 sided spinner rather than the common 3 sided because I was I wanted the challenge of trying to make the circuit as minimal as possible.


It was New Years Eve so I decided to wire up a T.E.N.S. (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) device through a relay to a raspberry pi and then run a python script that scans my twitter feed for the hashtag #happynewyear. Every time it sees #happynewyear, it shocks me! GREAT IDEA, RIGHT!?!?

CSS/JS iPhone

Using HTML and CSS to draw an iPhone. Then I add some jQuery to make the screen "turn on and off" when you click the home button.
Head over to my Github to get the HTML,CSS and JS.

Evil Science Lab

This is a project where I make crazy things and teach you how you can make them yourself. Using Science and Technology to achieve Evil Villain status. Science, or die trying!

HTML/CSS Pokeball

Making a Pokéball using HTML and CSS with shake effect on hover over.
Get the HTML and CSS on my Codepen page

Instascam | Instagram clone

A demo to show how easy it is to “clone” a popular trusted site for the purpose of tricking users into putting in their information. This is not a “how to build a phishing site” tutorial.